Contemporary Lifewear Brand  -  QUA VINO

“QUA” means water.

“VINO” means wine.

a relaxing and joyful poolside vacation, sipping a cool glass of sparkling wine.

Launched in 2018, the Qua Vino family designed its collection to take you to our special place, the poolside-where a refreshing breeze, music and a cocktail await.

We offer a diverse range of complete poolside looks that create a stylish visual that will make you look at home while lounging poolside at any laid-back vacation spot.

QUA VINO launched new athleisure Collection in 2021. With a stunning colorway and fresh design sense. Propose a wearable athleisure look without losing style.


Wolf & Badger (Global)

Zozotown (Japan)

Konvini (Japan)

Tmall HK (Hongkong)

Mofan (China)

Zalora (Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore)


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