The designer, Min Jeong Lee, is a Seoul-based minimal design label founded in April 2013 inspired by Human behavior and Dream.

Make:D Bags are designed with the concept of "Catch a dream". It contains the designer's hope that everyone will achieve their dreams and be happy.

Every bag uses environment-conscious materials and pursues ethical and sustainable methods in every process.

MAKE:D launched vegan products using Cactus leather.

#Collection Story ; 

1. ggummini

"ggum" becomes the word dream when translated into English from Korean.

Also, the word 'ggumim' is a Korean word for decoration.

Holding the steering wheel means catching a dream.

It means a design concept that has the characteristic of changing the handle however I want.

  1. A clutch bag style pouch which translated the English term 'clutch' as 'catching dream'
  2. With a handle on the side, this product supports wrists (of the user)
  3. Can display various atmospheres by changing various colors of handles

2. base

MAKE:D’s designer majored in ceramic design.

It is a series designed with the motif of a vase in the sense of a bag containing dreams like flowers.


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