Kaneitei launched by Chung, Kwan Young, Creative Director, was fascinated by the cool, unadorned tent. We make products in up-cycling US military vintage tents are from the tents used during World War II, to the tents used for exhibition purposes, different shapes and histories are exhibited.


Combining minimalism and sustainability to reduce waste and select only what is absolutely necessary, small actions, sustainable processes, products, we think that a brand begins.

In accordance with the principle of minimalism, we strive to simplify the work process and operate it efficiently. Minimalism goes hand in hand with sustainability.

Sustainability begins with the process of avoiding waste and selecting only what is absolutely necessary, not simply using recycled fabrics.

We believe that small actions come together to create a sustainable process, product, and brand.


Kaneitei is a brand that makes products by up-cycling waste fabrics. We pursue the spirit of DIY created by hand rather than uniformly polished industrial products.

After World War II, when supplies became scarce, there was a perception that we should do everything ourselves, It expanded into a punk culture that values the DIY spirit and rebels against authoritarianism.
In the sense of crisis of extinction felt by mankind in the 21st century, Kaneitei is the DIY spirit born in the 70s. We are continuing to create a brand that embodies resistance and freedom to industrialization.


Due to the characteristics of the fabric that can withstand harsh environments, it has excellent durability and functions. These are products made of unique materials that contain the passage of time with traces of use in vintage.

The vintage tarpaulin fabrics are imported from all over the United States and Europe, including Korea, and undergo a strict cleaning process and It goes through a selection process. Irregular fabrics made after that cannot be cut by machine, so they are matched by hand cutting.

Each product is different. For this reason, every time we make it, we find improvements and create the most genuine product.



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