JAMIE & BELL was born from a meeting with designer Jamie Kim and Isabel, a French jewelry artist who inspired him, offers cross-design and Mix & Match with materials ranging from gemstones to cubics and crystals, creating a fresh, unique blend of colors.

Jamie & Bell has been attracting international buyers with their steady participation in the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair, and has been introduced with trendy sensibilities as a Jewelry with different romantic and dramatic stories starting with Korea Style Week 2015.

Jamie & Bell, who is constantly loved by VIPs and celebrities at home and abroad, as well as at parties and award ceremonies, meets the trend setters' special tastes.

You can feel the mood of French style in Jewelry, which can reveal your own personality and dignity in daily look. 

Jamie & Bell must be the best choice for lovers' anniversaries, lovely earrings, elegant jewelry that stands out when invited to formal occasions, and sophisticated and bold jewelry that will stand out like main characters if worn at fancy parties under romantic lights.

Jamie & Bell is a unique and special designer Jewelry who makes you look more luxurious and lovely.


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