"A vegan fashion brand for a sustainable life"

Harlie K designs a sustainable lifestyle.

As a vegan fashion brand that gives back artistic qualities and craftsmanship to discarded items, to ensure that the designs become richer as time progresses.


Harlie K is motivated to promote sustainable production by reducing environmentally

hazardous pollution during the production process. We aim to enhance the quality of the

materials and create a better world by encouraging eco-friendly consumerism.


Harlie K emphasizes on the importance and experience of handcrafted products. Strongly

taking into consideration the need to minimize chemically manufactured production, we

embrace the natural gradients and degradation towards a premium product. Through

collaborations with unique and innovative designers and usage of various materials such

as leather scraps and burlap coffee bags, one-of-a-kind items are made possible.


Devoted to ethical consumption and sustainable lifestyles, Harlie K aims to become the

leading upcycling brand outside the realm of the concentrated capital. Through pushes

toward local economic growth and increased foreign exporting practices, we hope to spark

change in the Korean fashion industry.


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