E L Y O N A is a Luxury Fashion Jewellery brand launched in 2010, in London U.K. & Seoul Korea at the same time. Ever since its launch, we have participated in the world's most prestigious exhibitions and tradeshows. such as Premiere Classe Tuileries at Paris Fashion Week, The Savoy London presentation at London Fashion Week, Rooms Tokyo, and Seoul Fashion Week.

Each of the carry-on collection items at the House of E L Y O N A is narrated with a unique story. So, every piece has a meaning related to the story.

As Art Jewellery, we have been exhibited at fine art fairs and galleries around the world.

As Fashion Jewellery, we have been recognized by the international press and celebrities around the world.

The Sailor Collection

We are all seafarers of our own lives steering the helm of the boat towards our dreams through all of the hardships that lay in front of us. We will our way, one step at a time, towards the promised land, our destiny. The Sea may be rough at times, but holding on to the compass that guides us, we wander through the endless Challenges and tests towards the finish line.

Mother Collection

We all have those memories of trying out our mother’s makeup or searching through the jewelry box to see what. We all share a common yet deeply personal experience that reminds us of our mothers, the memories of her.

Aesthetic Collection

In the mid-to-late 19th century, people in Western Europe, who had been exhausted after the Industrial. Revolution, began to move, saying that when they return to nature, what comes from nature is true beauty. The Esthetic Movement is an artistic movement for the philosophy of naturalism that was popular in Western. Europe. It is modernized with the remaining materials of literary, art, and architectural writers who have.considered the most natural beauty.

In particular, including Oscar Wilde, a leading star novelist of that era, The motifs were derived from the naturalist representative products of lace fabrics and art nouveau structures.

It was unwrapped in Elyona's way using modern materials.


Wolf&Badger (UK)

Fenwick Bondstreet (UK)

Kommix (China)

Xinghui Creation (China)

Bridge Showroom (US)

Select Style (US)

Sauce (UAE)

Boom&Mellow (UAE)

Scallini (Poland)

Bybea (France)

Boticca.fr (France)

Maison Bo-M (Saudi Arabia)

i-chiy (Taiwan)

chic 6 to 9 (Taiwan)

TSUM (Russia)

Style me Up (Russia)

Tikka (Hongkong)

Day Dream Nation (Hongkong)

Ztampz (Hongkong)

Galerie C (Hongkong)

9th Muse (Hongkong)

Pedder Group-Shoesapce (Hongkong)

Trixillini (Singapore)

Front Row (Singarpore)

Wall (H.P.France at Laforet) (Japan)


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