DOUCAN is a premium designer brand by Choi, Chung Hoon ; Flamboyant, vivid and stimulating defines Creative Director.

His various experience as a fashion designer, makeup artist and stylist in France is visible through his color application and pattern.

With a great taste of color, the comprehension and development of his artwork is eccentric and individual.

His combination of quirky colors and graphic designs constantly generates new influential trends.

DOUCAN reinterprets the oriental fantasy of  nature, light, and age through graphic artwork.

Each season, designer merges distinctive and vibrant authentic prints to create a fresh sensibility.

DOUCAN is not for all ordinary people, don't do mass produces. We're waiting for the one who want to be special.
Nature, History, Art, and Culture are brought into new life, turning into a unique fashion look by DOUCAN's design and illustration.



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