Asian cultural inspirations

Nostalgia from the past and what is disappearing out

The beauty of the imperfections : wabi-sabi

Based on the above, which are identities,

contains the head designer, Dongseok Oh with limitless ideas and simplicity.

Not just only a fashion brand, but blazing a trail like new kinds of genre,

with making creative co-works with several creators in various fields

21SS, we depicted Modern Asian Beauty

Among the identities, focused on Asian cultural inspirations

But, this is not a theme that we would last for the entire life of MUOH

That is just a piece of identities that could be MUOH and the head designer

Instead, that could be the piece that would complete 'MUOH'.

Every collection would contain the philosophies, stories, ideas, and a lot of things that could be our intellectual property

Now we are preparing 22SS, Shape of Water

Water has no shape. It just depends on the container or surroundings.

Items from MUOH have no limit, no genre. It just depends on someone would choose MUOH.

It has a similarity with some points,

And that's why we decided to make our next collection with that title, as one of our stories that complete MUOH again

It would describe how we are, but in a different way with 21SS

But, we would in our identities all the time, of course.

Because MUOH is by itself our head designer, Dongseok, OH



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